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At Amberwood Animals

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We have 10 cows, all females who were all born on the farm. Three older cows - Daisy, Frankie and Unipleasher and seven youngsters - Sprinkles, Mistletoe, Coco, Boudica, Brownie, Bambi and Aphrodite.

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Twenty sheep were already living on the farm - all of them have names including Nettle, Snowy, Monty, Lilly, Daffodil and Bramble.   Seven others have been rescued since the sanctuary started and are now part of the flock - Beetrice, Aurora, Mamma and her lamb Thorn, Dave, Agnes and Shelley and her lamb Amber who was born on the sanctuary.

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All five Pigs have been rescued since the sanctuary started - Olive, Mable, Bell
a Piglet and Poo.

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