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Amberwood Animals


Rescue - care - healing - education - creativity - sustainability - advocacy 

Our story began in the early spring of 2021 when our founder, Mark, reached out to a local farmer friend to see how she was doing.  Both had experienced recent personal loss in their lives.  The reach out of a ‘how are you doing?’ text message resulted in what has now become Amberwood Animals farm animal sanctuary homed on some of the land and buildings at the former beef producing farm. 

We are located on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire borders amidst an area of intensive animal agriculture, on land previously used to breed cows for beef.  

We currently look after and offer a permanent safe home for the 10 cows who were left when the beef farm stopped operating, as well as 27 Sheep and 5 pigs - 7 of the sheep and all of the pigs have been rescued by us since starting the sanctuary in 2021.  

We recognise there is an urgent need to interact with the world in a way that nurtures inclusivity and equality for all - humans and non-humans alike and for organisations and communities to support growth towards a gentler and kinder existence.  We believe that it is essential that we change our relationship with the animals that have become commodified in our narrative of normal - to co-exist with them rather than dominate and exploit them. We see this change as crucial to our own survival and key to realising our potential to evolve away from the more violent elements of our nature.

One of the key intentions of the project is to widen public awareness in general but specifically to reach out and include local farmers - some of whom we believe, given the opportunity and support, would prefer to live in a world where animals did not have to suffer as they do.   This is crucial if we are to really make an impact on helping animals on the scale needed to evolve us away from the narrative and mainstream belief that any level of violence towards non-human animals, including so called 'humane slaughter', is ok in the context of our modern lives.           

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